Sunday, October 24, 2010

Missing post, new games

So, as to the reason there was not post on Thursday, I was sick, like stay home from work, destroying bathrooms sicks.  So no post from me, as it would have most likely consisted of me rambling about bunnies and how they were plotting to take over the Russian throne.  So, onto some new games, a bit of blizzcon and other such things.

So Fallout New Vegas.  Newest game in the fallout series, made by Bethesda software creators of games such as Oblivion etc etc.  So some people have called it Fallout 3 with just an expansion pack.  So after giving it a few hours, some general cursing at my lack of good choices that I've been doing for some of the game options, I have to say, really people?  It's using the Fallout 3 engine yes, I am aware.  It's also a completely new story, different setting in the world, some new abilities, and it also now has included challenges from Borderlands, and the ability to create ammo rounds now.  So I'm not really seeing the problem people have with this.  So far it's been fun, I'm going to actually beat this one, unlike the last Fallout where my disc has disappeared into the great void, thus rendering my unable to actually beat the game unless I either find it, or buy myself a new copy.  More then likely going with the copy as I can pick up some other games along the way.  So my general consensus about the game with a quick review is, if you liked Fallout 3, pick up this game.  If you did not like Fallout 3, then your more then likely not going to enjoy this game as well.

Blizzcon was this weekend, and the geek that I am, I got the live stream and watched it in my house.  I have to give it a resounding, ehhh.   Nothing really new and exciting came out of it, and honestly considering I don't play World of Warcraft anymore, the special pets and such don't really entice me all that much.  The starcraft 2 tournaments though were fun to watch.  Makes me want to get back into the game, and really get destroyed by some people (not that good at it, as some of you may be guessing from my comments about my prowess with the game).  But at the end of the day, if your having fun right?

So what's on the Horizon for this here space of the net?  Well, I'm going to continue talking about some mechanics, might ask a few friends of mine to put up some writing of their own to spice things up a bit, I'll have a review of Gamma Worlds for Tuesday, and that's about it, as I'm still a bit under the weather.

Catch you all later.

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