Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is over, back to other games

So, the Halloween season is over, so it's back to other games.  I've been playing Fable 3 some over the past few days, and feel ready to give it a review.  So, Fable 3 is a continuation of the previous Fables, where you control a hero and are set on some grand task (in this case overthrowing your evil tyrant brother and becoming a good king or a tyrant yourself.)  It continues the whittling down of the game screen, to the point now where almost nothing shows up on the screen, not even a health bar.  So one of the problems that you run into initially is that you are constantly going back to the Sanctuary (your basically in game menu) where you can change weapons, costumes etc.  The only indication that your getting decently hurt in the game is that the option to use a health potion shows up.  Combat is the same, one button per attack, so one for ranged, one for melee and one for magic.  You can roll around to avoid damage, and it avoids everything that comes at you.  So by just constantly rolling around, you'll never get hurt.  Overall, this game is not too bad.  The reduction of menus and the seemingly desire to have the player to do a bit of everything but not too in depth into anything makes it a bit annoying.  It's gone down I think from the previous Fables, as it keeps reducing the amount of things you can do.

So beyond that, going to do a review of Gamma worlds this Thursday, and working on some longer posts to make up some space this blog has been seriously lacking as of late.

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