Monday, March 14, 2011

PAX Review

So I ended up going to PAX East this weekend, and holy hell was it alot of fun.  I started there on Friday and walked around the expo hall, picking up some free swag and checking out the latest games.  Played some Vindictus on the new Alien Ware machines and checked out the Duke Nukem forever demo, the Knights of the old Republic Demo and many others, including quite a few indie games coming out of the Boston area.  Went to go see the unveling of Kingdom of Amular, made by the game company Curt Shilling made, and not sure how much I can talk about it, but it's looking to be quite a spectacular game and I am eagerly looking forward to giving it a shot.  Sat in one some D&D panels, and played alot of table top games, including giving the Heroes of Shadow powers a run on Friday night.  So overall, the experience was quite worth the exhaustion and general lack of sleep I got through the weekend.

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