Thursday, June 16, 2011

New games

Well everyone, it's been a bit hasn't it?  Life has been a bit busy, moving into a new apartment, got myself a new job I am starting soon, and loads of other things going on.  So, now that we have that all settled and done with, let's get to some games, shall we?

First off, recently had a good session of a new board game out called Mansions of Madness.  Quick description of this is Arkham Horror meets Betrayal at house on the hill.  You randomly select a challenge to overtake, and every player except one chooses from the list of investigators.  Every investigator has different stats and some even start with special items, such as spells or artifacts that could help them in the challenge.  The player who did not take an investigator is the person running the game, who is in charge of the house and it's various elements.  they get special powers to try to thwart the players in their goals, and also help to move the story along.  The major difference between this and Betrayal is that the house is generally set up ahead of time, so you don't need to worry about finding out where the kitchen is for example.  I've yet to play all of the various challenges, so it's possible one does require you to build the house out as you go.

I've recently fallen down to the gods of Facebook and decided to join it.  Of course, one of the first things I did is set myself up in a couple of the games on it.  I've been playing Zombie Lane, Dragon Age Legends and Knights of the crystal.  Their all mostly generic facebook games, although Dragon age does require a certain knowledge of how the game works, so there ya go there.  As to Rift, I've stopped playing for the time, as my pc recently went through a period of not wanting to work very well and blue screening all of the time as soon as I went to sneeze on it.  With my newly built pc though, I should be giving it another try soonish.  We shall see.

Well, that's about it for now.  I'll update some this weekend with some new information about some games.

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