Thursday, September 23, 2010

Card games

So, tonight we're looking at some card games.  Going to be focusing on two for right now, Flux and munchkin.  Both of them are simple to begin playing, but can be expanded upon with extra sets.  Flux is a simple game played with two basic rules.  You draw a card and play a card.  The game begins with these rules, and each player has three cards in their hands.  To win, you must complete a goal.  A goal is a card that any player can set during their turn, and any player can place a new goal onto the board.  You win goals usually by acquiring keepers.  Keepers are cards such as the cheese, or a rocket, things like that.  Now, along with goals and keepers, you have new rule cards, and actions.  Actions are performed the moment they are played by a player, and usually have the player hand cards around or draw extra cards or even swap cards with another player.  New rules change how a basic turn goes.  This can range from a simple change in the amount of cards drawn or played, or adjusting every other card, making it so if you whistle a tune you get another card, anything like that.  That is where flux aquires it's name from, the rules of the game are constantly in flux, as it were.  The game can last anywhere from a few rounds to going extremely long if enough rules keep changing constantly to make it so people cannot aquire the correct keepers to win.

The second card game, Munchkin is based on dungeons and dragons.  The term munchkin is used to denote someone who knows so much about the game, who focuses so much on getting the most loot/becoming the most powerful their almost impossible to play with.  Everyone starts the game as a level 1 human with no class (this is now required by law to state at each game, it's in the rules).  You play by traversing through a "dungeon" by turning over cards from appropiate decks, fighting monsters, and equipping treasure to increase your effective level.  The game is finished once someone reaches level 10 as their base level.  What makes this game unique is that it encourages cheating.  Equipping items your not usually able to have on you, doubling up on equipment slots, palming cards and such, all is allowed by the game rules, as long as no one catches you.  Of course, anyone at anytime can call you out on it, and if your caught cheating you have to revert back to not cheating and give up any items you should not be using, discard excess cards etc etc.  There are even special dice, cards and such from outside the game that gives you bonuses to cheating, or just even give you permanent pluses to dice rolls and other such things in the game.  So, this is just two examples of the vast amount of card games out there, and I'm hoping to write up some more soon. 

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