Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Civ 5, board games and so forth

So, started Civilization V tonight (main page).  It's a bit of a change from Civ IV.  So far, culture seems slower to acquire in terms of expanding city influence, and the barbarians also seem much more aggressive and actually have small cites now that they strike from.  They also introduced city states, which are     basically small civilizations that are not competing to win the game.  So I'll write up some more about the game as I play through some more of it.
As for board games, I've been looking at the Ravenloft board game, and a friend of mine is going to let me borrow Hero quest so I can read it over some.  Board game mechanics will be interesting to talk about, as they change from game to game, so it becomes a bit harder to categorize them and discuss them in broad terms.  Going to give it the old college try though.

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