Saturday, January 11, 2014

Deadly 30

So this time on the steam challenge, we have the zombie survival shooter game, Deadly 30 ( Link).  This is going to be one of many zombie style games I'm going to try, as I am a sucker for most anything zombie like in nature.  So let's get down to the meat and potatoes of this review shall we?

The game involves three soldiers in World War 2, trapped by a horde of undead monsters that seeks to kill them.  You begin the game as a rough and tough America soldier with an assault rifle.  Along the way, you have the chance to find and add to your team, a female German soldier with a shotgun and frying pan, and a Russian soldier with a bolt action rifle, and a combat knife.  You have the ability to switch between all three of your troops at any given time, and when not in control, the others will follow suit and kill anything that gets close.  You also have a home base, which you can upgrade, put defenses around, and stay in during the night.  This brings us to the day/night cycle the game uses.  During the day, the zombie hordes are much less, so your able to scavenge for scrap and ammo to help survive the night, where huge waves of them will begin to assault you.  As the name suggests, the goal is to survive for 30 nights, each day adding new types of zombies and increasing what comes at you.  You can also gain levels during the game, which gives you the option of acquiring more powerful weapons, armor and turrets for your base.

So not going to lie here, this almost seems like it should be a flash game that you'd find on NewGrounds or Armor Games.  It's simple enough to get interested, but doesn't seem to progress much beyond trying to get better items to defend yourself with.  Also your AI partners don't seem to interested in defending key positions, seeming to just wander around the base a bit and shooting if things get close.  Honestly, this game wasn't too bad for the price I paid, but if it was a bit more expensive I'd probably steer clear of it.

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