Thursday, January 2, 2014

Valdis Story, Abyssal City

Here we are, a few days after the holidays and some gaming has been done.  Here we are with another steam challenge down, Valid Story, Abyssal City ( Link).  So this is a metroid style castlevania esc game, where you traverse a city, collecting upgrades, defeating enemies, leveling up and exploring the game.  As you find new items, spells and abilities, you get the ability to unlock new, and rediscover older parts of the game again and acquire even more items and abilities.  With an hour into the game, I've already fought three bosses and learned three types of magic.  It seems like there is a crafting/trading system in the game, but I've only just gotten to the vendors that handle this and so far have been unable to do much with them.  I'm hoping they provide some more worthwhile options in terms of managing your gear and abilities.  The game also has a stat/skill system, where you can build and customize your toon to your playstyle.  If you want to go heavy hitter or magic user, this is how you do it.  It also seems to have a ranking system for bosses, giving you bonus HP based upon how long it takes you to fight the boss, damage taken and items used.

I will say, the controls seemed a bit...too fluid for me if that makes any sense.  I've already had to do some time based jumping puzzles, and it almost seems like my toon moves around a bit too much when trying to make the precise jumps.  It's also odd that on some walls I seem to be able to double jump from fine, but then another only certain spots seem able to let me do so.  Not a game breaker at all, just something I noticed.

I'm hoping to have some more reviews up soon, talk about some board games I got to play, and even put up my list of games to play and see if there are any in particular people want to see played.  As always, thanks for reading.

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