Friday, December 27, 2013

Secret of the Magic Crystals.

So yet another steam challenge down, this time courtesy of my friend Josh, who so graciously got me the next game on the list, Secret of the Magic Crystals.  Link

So this game is essential a take care of your horse simulator, with a story about magic crystals letting you breed special horses, and your uncle being disgraced when no one believed him, cept you start the game with a frigging unicorn who competes in races!  The game is split into a few modes.  We have farm management, horse care, training, crafting and quests.  Your farm has multiple buildings, each of which performs a certain task.  You can craft special potions to heal your horse, magic horseshoes to make it better, feed/take care of it to improve it's health and spirit.  You can also train it on various obstacles courses, which all consist of pressing buttons at certain times to get a high score, which increases your stats.  Finally you can send your horse out on quests and races, which if they win gets you items and money, or have the potential to injure your horse, thus making it so you need to heal them.  Supposedly you can breed horses after awhile, but I did not get a chance to find that part.

So honestly, it's not a terrible game.  There is not much to it overall (up your stats, take care of your horses, fiddle with recipes) and it seems quite easy to just focus on one or two small things, max your horse out and then dominate the races/quests associated with that stats they have.  If you've ever wanted to digitally raise some horses, they have made your game.  With unicorns, and I think Pegasus and some kind of horse that's on fire.

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