Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Legend of Dungeon

So that was fast, first game on the list I just played an hour+ of is Legend of Dungeon, by robot Love kitty (Legend of Dungeon)

This is a single player/co-op rogue like game where you and a party of adventurers descend into a randomly generated dungeon to battle monsters, collect treasure and vanquish some monsters along the way. So I gave this one the old college try, and have some thoughts on it.

Overall it's not a terrible game, but I'm not hugely enthralled with it. It's controls are brawler like, where you have to move, dodge and aim your attacks like old school final fight or streets of rage. Your various weapons depends your hit area, attack speed and overall damage you do. Your also able to gain levels via small green exp orbs enemies drop upon death. The controls seem simple enough, my main complaint is with the ui.

Your life, defense, attack gold and exp are in a corner assigned to each player. Your inventory is handled via scrolling through items and selecting which ones you wish to wear/use/equip. This gets confusing after a bit, as your inventory can quickly swell with the random items you pick up along the way. Equipping armor is kind of weird, as you have to rely upon looking at the numbers to determine if they are better or worse. This does not however, let you know if the items have any other effects, you need to rely upon trial and error with the names. This also occurs with the various potions, as they are random every time you play through. Of course once you use one, it doesn't let you know what it does, only small visual queues (like your toon puking up a random color which seems to denote losing points in a stat). Also armors seems to be better, but upon equipping your stats are not what they said it would be, so still unsure how that works exactly.

Overall if you can find this on sale or want a somewhat different rogue style game, it's worth a shot.

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