Thursday, December 26, 2013


So next game on the list of titles is called Unepic (Link).

This is an early access metrovania style of game.  In layman's terms, this means you travel through a dungeon, collecting various items, keys and powers that allow you to unlock other parts of the dungeon, and make it easier to progress through them.  It also has a rogue like level system,where every level lets you assign points to stats to increase weapons, health, armor and spell power.  As an early access game, not everything is fully implemented yet, so I went into it with that knowledge.

It follows a player of a table top rpg (probably Dungeons and Dragons) as he gets teleported into a castle, where he is trying to figure out where he is, survive the whole dungeon and progress through the game.  You collect various pieces of equipment, including armor, rings, weapons and potions.  They adjust your protection and damage, and you can set them up into hot keys to quickly switch between them in combat.  Weapons have distinct damage too, such as good against armored, living, unliving etc etc.  They seem to have a durability system, but it's only when used against monsters and during my time playing it did not come into play much.

Overall so far it's not too bad of a game.  The jumping seems a little stiff, and I've yet to run into any spells so cannot comment on how they work very well.  It's on sale now on steam, so if your interested in trying out a quick little game, I'd say give it a shot.

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