Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reach for the sun

So yet another game for today, this time it's the plant simulator reach for the sun Reach for the sun

So this game is somewhat simple.  You select a plant to play as, and have to help it grow.  You do this by clicking on the various parts of the plant (roots and leaves) to collect three separate resources, which are water, nutrients and starch.  As you collect more resources, you can build more roots (more water and nutrients) more leaves (more starch and storage) or build flowers.  The end goal of every level is to build as many flowers as possible and fully get them to bloom.  This is accomplished by feeding them resources to attract bees, which help pollinate them.  Once a plant is pollinated, it takes a final push of resources and then they will fully flower.  For every full flower at the end of the game (it's time based) you get seeds.  Seeds allow you to buy new flowers (they give more seeds but can be harder) or upgrades to your garden, including less insects, more nutrients and water supplies.

So I saw this game one day on steam and decided to pick it up with some of the extra steam bucks I had lying about.  It's a very soothing game, as the music is nice and keeps you focused, and you develop a rhythm of collecting, upgrading and dealing with small nuisances like insects, blight etc. The higher level flowers have more options for growth, but overall it doesn't seem too hard of a game.  If you want something a bit soothing and such though, I'd say give it a shot.

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