Sunday, January 26, 2014

Defender's quest Valley of the Forgotten

So we have another game down on the steam Challenge, as we take a look at Defender's quest, Valley of the Forgotten (Link).  I picked this up recently since it was on sale, and I had a few steam bucks left over from selling off some trading cards.  So let'd dive in, shall we?

Defenders is a tower defense/rpg hybrid.  This entails that your towers are actually characters, and they have the ability to level up.  Each time they level, their stats increase and you can allocate a point to one of their skills.  These range from passive skills (more speed, range etc) or improving/granting them new attacks.  The one difference is your main character, the Librarian.  She can improve her spells only (at least to where I have gotten to in the game).  Her spells use psi points, which is your main resource in the game.  Psi points is what lets you place down troops on the field, cast spells, and boost troops on the field.  Boost is like upgrading towers in other games.  This will grant the boosted unit more abilities, increased stats and more health.  Along with this you collect scrap after battles, which your out of battle currency.  With this you can buy more troops to summon, and also buy equipment for them as well.  Each unit uses one type of armor and one type of weapon.  The final component is each level has multiple difficulties.  If you perfect a level on a certain difficulty, you earn extra scrap or even special items.

Overall the game has been quite fun.  The basic levels are easy enough to get through, while the higher difficulties present enough of a challenge to be fun, but not so bad as to only be winnable via one certain combination of troops (looking at you, crystal defenders).  Honestly, I'd say go get a copy of the game, the story is quite fun too.

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